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A Perfect Weekend In Collingwood: Visitor’s Report

Posted by Sherry Rioux on November 28, 2018
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I received this wonderful email from a visitor from Brampton and I had to share it with you as she really captured the spirit of Collingwood in her weekend visit to our town. Thanks for letting me share this Colleen and glad you had such a great time!

I’m back from my weekend in Collingwood and my face is still sore from the constant smiling I did.  My best friend for eons and I had a ball.

We stayed at the Milestone Motel on First and the owners Mary & Omare were lovely.  We couldn’t find fault with a thing.  I had previously arranged on the phone that we check in at 12 noon instead of 3 and they were fine with that.  The motel was packed, many like ourselves had the same idea.

The Christmas craft sale at the New Life Church was brilliant.  As we entered the church Saturday morning we were greeted with aromas of chili pots on the burners and homemade soups bubbling away.  What a wonderful atmosphere and that’s where we started our Christmas shopping and came away with so many unique things.  I must also tell you Marg if you have another minute, since I was a kid, my all-time favourite pie is raisin pie and I’ve had a slice of raisin pie in cities and towns across Canada over the last 50+ years but I’ve never had raisin pie as good as the one I bought at that craft sale Saturday morning.  Truly the very best raisin pie I’ve ever had and what I wouldn’t give for that recipe.

We were downtown shopping from 1:30 to 4:30 and again, the unique items we bought for gifts made us so happy.  The shops were filled with ‘enormous’ positive energy Marg, we’ll never forget it.  Every shop was offering plates of baked goods, chocolates and sweets, festive music overhead and people, men and women alike, actually said hello, stopped and spoke, smiled and really looked like they were happy to be there.  It’s not like that down here.  Not at all.  I was born and raised in Brampton and have lived downtown for more than 25 years but all I can say is, you’re in a wonderful place Marg.  Nobody was in a rush and fair enough, perhaps the fact that it was a special day had something to do with it but folks spoke to us and acknowledged us on the street and we still can’t get over that.

All the talk was about one reindeer which had escaped from Santa’s pen they had set up on the street so there were only 2 to fuss over.  One of them had huge antlers.  Anyway it was the buzz on the street and for a few hours we actually felt like locals while we kibitzed each time we heard the ‘reindeer on the loose’ being discussed.  What a hoot.

We walked and walked which we never do here in the city.  Felt so good.  Some of the shop windows had little ballerinas standing on platforms performing bits and pieces of the Nutcracker.  How cool is that.  The youngest wee girl we saw in her adorable pink tutu was about 5 and I would say the other ballerinas were up to age 13 and it was so well done and organized, many groups of people gathered around the odd shop window watching the ballerinas.  We had a ball in every establishment we stopped at. We had so much fun and came away loaded down.  People just kept smiling to us and saying hello and chitty chattin if we stopped.

We really enjoyed watching the Santa Claus parade. We got situated, comfortable with our seats, blankets, hats pulled down tight, traveling mugs of Baileys in hand and slowly looked around.  Every single person was standing, as far as the eye could see while we had brought our lawn chairs!  Ha ha. Funny eh, just the difference from one place to the next.  We laughed until our sides were sore.

The tree lighting was supported by a huge crowd.  Of course, some people headed home when the parade was over as I’m sure the kids were hungry but the majority remained and took part and we sang a couple of carols together.  Afterwards, the fireworks were amazing.  What a beautiful display for close to 10 minutes.  The crowd sure appreciated the display and were ooing and awwing with the gorgeous colours.

When it was all said and done, we dragged our tired bodies along, me pulling my heavy duty bundle buggy loaded with my fold up stool, two car blankets which we used for added warmth at parade time, many many packages and bags of various sizes, gifts and ‘stuff’, purses and lawn chairs. I can’t remember being so happy in a long time.  Cold, tired but so happy.  I wanted to do things that would warm my heart and that’s what it was all about.  I waited for that winter festive Collingwood weekend for a very long time.  Pretty sure it’s an annual thing now, lol

Shame on anyone who lives in Simcoe County and takes what they have for granted.

My only regret Marg, is that I only bought one raisin pie at the church bazaar, I should have bought them all.


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