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Cable Wake Park Proposed for Collingwood

Posted by Sherry Rioux on May 15, 2019

I was doing a little surfing and found an interesting application for a new commercial project in Collingwood.  This one is for a wake park over the pond at Bygone Days farm on Sixth St.

The proposal is to build a “world class Cable Wake Park facility that would include a small parking lot, a floating dock, a viewing area and single cable system.  According to this  Overview letter, the proponents have other operations in place in Muskoka.

Collingwood is not principally a tourist town.  If you put walls up around the borders, there are not too many tourist activities in the Town boundaries and rather, it rides on the coattails of nearby Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach.  Collingwood is the service and commercial hub for the greater region but as time goes by, we are seeing more businesses look at opportunities to capture the recreational spending of the 3.5 million visitors to the region.

It’s nice to see interest from businesses wanting to establish facilities like this within the town. What do you think?

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