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Local Real Estate is Opening Up & Buyers & Sellers Have Questions!

Jun 19, 2020
After all that has happened over the past several months we wanted to let you know the market in Collingwood & The Blue Mountains is starting to open up again. We have been experiencing a very active real estate market over the past 4 weeks, even ...
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Collingwood Investors: Create a Secondary Suite with County Funding

Nov 07, 2019
We have many investors in our market places who are always seeking ways to invest in the Collingwood area for the long term. Many consider a duplex or homes with income suites to be ideal however, the availability of such homes for sale is limited. H ...
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Women In Business Succeed in Thornbury, ON

Oct 29, 2019
Escarpment Magazine recently ran a feature article about the Women of Thornbury and it is a fascinating read.  They point out that over 80% of businesses in the town are owned and operated by women. Everything from clothing stores to specialty shops, ...
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Beware of Rental Scams

Sep 25, 2019
The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre issued a public advisory warning consumers of criminals creating phony long, short and vacation rental online classifieds. The fraudsters lure victims to provide financial information and/or deposits in exchange for pro ...
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Business Opportunities Abound For Tradespeople in the Collingwood Area

Sep 18, 2019
In growing communities like ours, there are always job opportunities and for those with special skills, there are great options for starting your own business. 
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Not Everyone Has A Place to Go Home To in Collingwood

Aug 06, 2019
Everyone should have a safe place to call home.  But not everyone does. As real estate and rental prices have soared across the country, so have the stressors of life and sadly, we are facing a crisis of homelessness in many parts of the country.
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A New Collingwood Hospital Moves Closer to Reality

Apr 30, 2019
When people consider a move to our area, many ask about access to a local hospital.  The good news is that we have a great hospital in Collingwood. It’s home to many first such as installing Halo Bassinets and, using high-tech, infection-fighting mea ...
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Lawyer Offers Some Solutions for Cannabis Smoking Without Upsetting Neighbours

Feb 25, 2019
I read an email from lawyer and author, Mark Weisleder regarding this issue that seems to be popping up for landlords, tenants and condo corporations.  I thought this was an interesting solution to cannabis smoke bothering others. Here is what he had ...
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Are rents set to rise even more?

Jan 16, 2019
It’s good news for investors and bad news for tenants as rents may well rise further in 2019. Rental rates, like anything else, are a function of supply and demand.  Many people who may otherwise have planned on buying a home, have been shut out of t ...
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This Christmas Event Has “Community” Written All Over It

Dec 12, 2018
I’m a full-time REALTOR® but also, a part-time Elf.  My name is Elf Hug-a-Lot.  (This old post helps explain why.  I love hugs.) A few years, my hubby and I gathered together a group of very special friends and started the Christmas Day Feast in Coll ...
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Doing the Post Election Happy Dance in South Georgian Bay

Oct 31, 2018
I love living in Collingwood and South Georgian Bay.  I really do and who wouldn’t?  Every day I see the beautiful clear waters of Georgian Bay and the ever-changing landscape of the Niagara Escarpment.  We have a wonderful mix of housing styles, we ...
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Is Southern Georgian Bay a Mecca Just for Retirees?

Oct 01, 2018
We so often hear about our area being described as a retirement community.  Isn’t every community one?  As David Foote once said, every day, we all get one day older and pure demographics across the country show that the composition of our entire pop ...
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