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Collingwood Art Crawl

Celebrating Local Business: Black Bellows Brewing Company Collingwood

South Georgian Bay Fall Yoga Fest Fundraiser for Barbara Weider House

Press Release: Ontario REALTORS® Stepping Up to Make Open Houses Safe

A Guide to Ontario Re-Opening Phase 3

Collingwood – Blue Mountains and Southern Georgian Bay Farmer’s Markets

Local Real Estate is Opening Up & Buyers & Sellers Have Questions!

Emma Baker Interview: Planning a Move to South Georgian Bay?

Simcoe County Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program

Aging Demographics Say Real Estate Needs Are Changing Too

Holdover Clauses and You

The Value of a BoundaryWise Accredited Agent

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 8 | Self Care Tips

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 7 | BFresh.Media & Digital Main Street

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 6 | Thank You Frontline Workers!

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 5 | Daily 5 Minute Yoga

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 4 | Stretching Tips

New Collingwood Business: Home Furnishings Rental Service

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 3 | Home Workouts

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 2 | Healthy Eating

Coronavirus Corner Speaker Series Episode 1 | Deferred Mortgages

Surprise! Mortgage Rates Are Going UP

April 1st, 2020: A Day of Shock and Awe

Coronavirus Chronicles from a REALTOR® Part 2 March 25, 2020

Coronavirus Chronicles; rambling thoughts from a REALTOR®

What Motivates First Time Home Buyers? Survey Says…

Canada Day Virtual Edition

Black Bellows – Forge Ahead to this new brewpub in downtown Collingwood

Here’s What Excites Real Estate Investors About Collingwood

Planners’ Series 2019 – The Blue Mountains

Planners’ Series 2019 – Wasaga Beach

Planners’ Series 2019 – Township of Clearview

Planners’ Series 2019 – Meaford

Electronic vs. Mechanical Lockbox: Top 5 Reasons why Electronic Lockboxes are Better

Could You Live In 370 square feet?

Secrets of a Collingwood Home Stager

Real Estate SIGNs of the TIMES

Collingwood Investors: Create a Secondary Suite with County Funding

Women In Business Succeed in Thornbury, ON

Why You Need to Review Condo Documents BEFORE Finalizing An Offer

Low Down in Collingwood

The Top 10 Mistakes People Make In a Real Estate Deal

Beware of Rental Scams

Business Opportunities Abound For Tradespeople in the Collingwood Area

SMART Homes Are On The Rise

So You Want To Buy An Investment Property in Blue Mountain or Collingwood

Top 6 Municipal Tax Rates for 2019 in the Collingwood Blue Mountain Area

Not Everyone Has A Place to Go Home To in Collingwood

Operating an Airbnb in Collingwood

Sellers: Pricing to Sell in Today’s Southern Georgian Bay Market

Is this a thing? I’ve heard of saving space but…

Rolling With The Reids; A visit to their Tiny Home

Canada Day Around the Bay

Cohabitation: Tying the Knot, or NOT?

Make Sure It Is Not A Lemon: Hire an Inspector For The Pre-Delivery Inspection of Your New Home

Collingwood Area Businesses: The Comings, Goings and Hidden Treasures

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Ontario Mortgage Payment Calculator

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Coming Soon: The Tallest Building in Downtown Collingwood

Buyer Beware When Buying Pre-Construction

Cable Wake Park Proposed for Collingwood

A New Collingwood Hospital Moves Closer to Reality

Theatre Collingwood 2019

New Development Series | Collingwood to Craigleith, Blue Mountains

International Women’s Day

The Stats Say: Your Home Should be Listed on REALTOR.CA and, You Love To Surf

Highway 26 developments from Collingwood to Craigleith: Development Series Part 8

Collingwood Budget 2019

New Developments in Collingwood 2019

5-Star Airbnb Rental Management in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

Craigleith Ridge by Parkbridge: Development Series Part 7

Budget 2019 and Help for First Time Home Buyers

Aqua Village in Craigleith: Development Series Part 6

Development Part 5: 900 More Homes on the Way Up to Blue Mountain

Hopping Around the Bay – Easter Events in Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Wasaga Beach

Part 4: This Plan in Collingwood Wants Approval for 655 New Homes

International Women’s Day Events Collingwood & Blue Mountain

Lawyer Offers Some Solutions for Cannabis Smoking Without Upsetting Neighbours

Have you heard of Real Estate Wholesaling?

Part 3: Will Collingwood Get Some New Units That Allow Airbnb Uses?

These Statistics About Growth in Collingwood Might Surprise You – Part 2

Collingwood & Blue Mountain March Break for Families

Valentine’s Day Dining and Events in Collingwood and Blue Mountain

Tax Assessed Value Versus Market Value

Check Out This Lighthouse Point Marketing Brochure from 30 years ago

Press Release: Sherry Rioux Nominated for Canadian REALTORS Care® Award

Two Local Condo Communities Rebrand With New Names

Are rents set to rise even more?

From Craft Breweries to Craft Cannabis Farms

Does the Collingwood area real estate market follow Toronto?

Family Day Events Collingwood, Blue Mountain & Wasaga Beach

Is winter a good time to sell in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area?

This Christmas Event Has “Community” Written All Over It

Condo Boards Should Update Operating By-Laws

Winter Holiday Events & New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Collingwood & Blue Mountain

A New Way for Landlord to Collect Rents

Nowhere to Call Home Event

10-Year-Old describes what it’s like owning a condo at Blue Mountain

Tour Clairwood and Rioux Baker Team Offices

Airbnb Not Permitted in Collingwood

South Georgian Bay Real Estate Recap of October 2018

Doing the Post Election Happy Dance in South Georgian Bay

This Place Has One of The Best Cups of Coffee in Blue Mountain

Need to Unwind? Visit the Collingwood Labyrinth

Are you Bullish on the Bear Estate, Collingwood?

Is Southern Georgian Bay a Mecca Just for Retirees?

News Sources in Collingwood and Blue Mountain Area

Best and Worst Cities for Property Taxes in Canada

You Have a Voice – Use It!

Winter Holiday & Christmas Events for the Family

Wood Roaches in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain Area

Collingwood Arboretum

Small Halls Festival – Sept. 27 – 30th, 2018

Top 6 Municipal Tax Rates in Collingwood Blue Mountain Area for 2018

Wasaga Beach Redevelopment: The Next Chapter?

Collingwood’s New Indigenous Gathering Circle

Some Houses May Be TOO Nice

Active Seniors Guide to Collingwood – Blue Mountain

How Might Legalization of Cannabis affect Home Buyers?

Would You Buy A House Without Seeing It First?

Collingwood Election Candidates 2018

Ontario 2019 Rent Increase Set at 1.8%

Occasions Food Hall Is A Welcome Addition in Collingwood

Rioux Baker Real Estate Team Profiled in Georgian Life

Don’t Miss the Fun: Events in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and area

Could you really buy this Collingwood property for $1.00?

Is The Real Estate Boom Over?

Lighthouse Point Collingwood

New Condo Director Training in Ontario

Collingwood Elvis Festival – July 27 – 29, 2018

New Home Décor Store In Collingwood

Tenant and Landlord Rights When a Home Is Listed For Sale

Our Collingwood Hospital Has Mastered Efficiency

Housing: We knew it would come to this 18 years ago

Summer Living in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Southern Georgian Bay

Are you a Clutter-holic?

Retirees are Driving The Recreational Market According to The RE/MAX Recreational Property Report

How to Read Your Tax Bill

What’s Driving Our Market – On The Bay Magazine

Don’t Miss A Visit to Gibson & Company in Collingwood

Secondary Suites – New Bylaw Passed

Buying a Resort Condo At Ontario’s Blue Mountain Village Merits Your Consideration

What You Need To Know About Property Appraisals in the Collingwood – Blue Mountain Area

Solve Three Challenges with This Home Renovation

The Curly Willow Eatery

Blue Ice Phenomenon in Meaford

Home Buyers & Sellers Guide to a Seller’s Market

Climate Change and Saving Money


Collingwood Youth Centre

Volunteering in Collingwood & Blue Mountain

Do You Own an Historically Significant or Older Home in Collingwood?

This One Thing Causes More Problems With Financing Than It Should

Current Status: The Collingwood Shipyards

Top 10 Home Design Trends (2018)

Tips for Canadians Buying Property in United States

Why You Should Give Your Heart To Rotary

New Collingwood Waterfront Development Planned: A Perfect World

Collingwood’s Creative Community – Simcoe Street

Coming Soon: Downtown Collingwood Boutique Hotel – The VanderMarck

Year in Review: Grey Highlands Single Family Residence and Condominium Sales

Green Ontario Energy Program

Indoor & Outdoor Skating Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Thornbury, Meaford & Wasaga Beach

Predictions for the 2018 Collingwood – Blue Mountain Real Estate Market

Canada’s New Mortgage Rules Explained

The Regent: A Pipe Dream or An Inspired Success?

A Year in Review: Collingwood Condo Sales

A Year in Review: Collingwood Condo Sales

Shop Local – Focus on Collingwood

Growth in the Town of Blue Mountains

The South Georgian Bay Area is Booming

Winter In Collingwood

Gingerbread Dream Home

Dealing With The Legalization of Marijuana in Condos

A Guide to Local Ski Clubs – The Blue Mountains Area

Collingwood’s Timeless Favourite Restaurants

Shop Local – Focus on Thornbury

Pet Policies in Collingwood and Blue Mountain Condos

Celebrate Canada Day in Collingwood & Blue Mountain

Condos and Crystal Balls

Important Changes For Landlords and Tenants under new Rental Fairness Act

Go Ahead, Put a FINGER on it!

It No Longer Makes Sense to Hold Open Houses

Fall Bucket List

Important Changes For Landlords and Tenants under new Rental Fairness Act

The Future of South Georgian Bay

Top 3 reasons to contact the Ontario Ombudsman

New Mortgage Regs Could Stress Buyers

Five Best Food Trucks in The Georgian Bay Area

How much extra would you pay for a garage or basement in your Collingwood condo?

Features Home Buyers Want Most

Collingwood Good Food Stroll

What’s the deal with The Big Blue “W”?

Christmas & Winter Holiday Events Collingwood – Blue Mountain

Collingwood Heritage Walk

Passport Clinics in Collingwood and Wasaga Beach

Top 6 Local Tax Rates: A Comparison

Trip Advisor’s Ten Best Places To Eat in Collingwood

Thanksgiving Weekend Collingwood – Blue Mountain

Pet-friendly in Collingwood and Area

Top 7 Most Popular Collingwood Condos, past 6 months

Invest Now For The Future

20 Critical Things You Must Consider Before You Look At Another Home

Typical Real Estate Closing Costs

Want to Share A House? (and other ideas about co-ownership)

Small Halls Festival 2017

Why Water Levels Should Not Impact Your Real Estate Decisions

Real Estate Price Changes since 2010 in Southern Georgian Bay

Top 6 Local Tax Rates: A Comparison

The Roost Wine Company

A Map of Real Estate Prices in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

Déjà vu: Admiral Collingwood Condo Development Gets a New Owner

How Walkable is The Town of Blue Mountains?

I Know Garbage Isn’t a Sexy Topic But…

Gio and Fran Are Not Local Butchers

Lagging Loonie Spells Tourism Growth in Region

Elvis Festival 2017

Good News Story: Renew Meaford and The Hub

Housing Grants in the Town of Blue Mountains

Castle Glen Day July 22, 2017

Bard on the Bay performance in the Shipyards Amphitheatre

Canadian Mortgage Rates Are Rising – Should Variable-Rate Borrowers Lock In? Tuesday Morning Interest Rate Update (July 4, 2017)

The Most Canadian Music Video Ever?

New Collingwood Business: The Wild Stand General Store

Why Blue Mountain is a Great Place to Call Home

What’s in a name?

Competing Offers Part 2: Five More Strategies To Help Buyers Win

Competing Offers Part 1: Strategies To Help Buyers Win

An Unforgettable Video of the Nottawasaga Lighthouse

New Affordable Housing Units in Collingwood

The Painterie in Collingwood

The Fair Housing Plan and How It May Affect Grey and Simcoe Counties

Airbnb Rules in Collingwood, Blue Mountain and area

This Smart Home Runs with 56 Year Old Technology!

We Know Where the Dead Little Bed Bugs’ Bodies Are…

Take A Fresh Look At Your Property – From A Burglar’s View

Look at what happened to prices in this Blue Mountain condo development in just two years!

Ramblings of a Collingwood Real Estate Agent

SOLD OUT is the new refrain in South Georgian Bay

Popular & Stylish Paint Colours for Staging Your Home

Your Mortgage Costs Could Go Up Next Month with THIS News

Planners Series 2016 – Municipality of Meaford

Census Data Shows Above Average Growth in South Georgian Bay

Planners Series 2016 – The Blue Mountains

Planners Series 2016: Township of Clearview

Getting Ready to List Your Home – 4 Small Updates that Pay Off Big!

These Quick Videos Explain Real Estate Programs and Financial Terms

Planners Series 2016: Wasaga Beach

2017 Home Design Trends

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Rebate 2017

Indigo Estates New Home Development in Collingwood

How much does an extra bedroom cost you in a condo at Blue?

Planners Series 2016: Town of Collingwood

A Year in Review: The Blue Mountains Single Family Residential Sales

How Interest Rates and Local House Prices Dance Together

Holiday Fun in Collingwood

Announcing New Team Member Almira Haupt

Now You Can Get Around South Georgian Bay Easier Without a Car

Living In Collingwood Versus Living In a Big City

This Year, It DOES Make Sense To Sell Your Property In the Winter

Buyers beware: New Homes in Ontario MUST be Tarion Registered

Buying an Investment Condo at Blue Mountain

Christmas Events 2016

What do X and Y REALLY want? or… This post is X-rated.

How to balance a relationship and a career in real estate

What To Do About An Ash Tree on Your Property

What Happens When The Same Brokerage Represents Both The Buyer and a Seller?

Condo Buying: Consider the 3 Ps.

Collingwood Named As the #1 Place in Canada To Run and Grow a Business

The Other Story Behind the Storm in Collingwood This Week

Ever Wonder How Shopping CAN Actually Put Dollars in Your Pocket?

Buyers: New Mortgage Rules effective this month

The Shipyards in Collingwood Development Is Underway Again

First It was Home Inspections and Now This! Another Thing To Consider When You Buy A Home

Sherry Rioux sponsor of Spirit of Collingwood October 29, 2016

Attention Collingwood Real Estate Investors and Home Owners: Here’s is what’s happening with local house prices

A Surprising New Reason Why Some Financing Conditions Need To Be Longer for Buyers

The Demand for Houses to Rent in Collingwood is Leading To Desperation

2016 Putting For The Arts Fundraiser

Bent Taco: New Mexican Restaurant in Collingwood Is a Hit!

Look Up Collingwood!

Think About Resale Value BEFORE you try to Fix and Flip

A Touch Of Cuban Architecture on Collingwood’s Main Street

You Gotta Try This Authentic Caribbean Cuisine Near Collingwood and Wasaga Beach

A few good reasons to love Canada

How Many Square Feet Is It Really?

5 Steps to Prepare for Moving Day

What to Expect From Your Movers

10th Anniversary & Grand Opening of Our New Office July 1, 2016

Vintage Décor In and Around Collingwood

Vintage Décor In and Around Collingwood

Mountain Springs Resort: A Blue Mountain Investment Condo Option and How It Works

Faux Lawns Are Appearing In Our Area

A new Waterfront Restaurant Lakeside Seafood & Grill

Why I Don’t Believe Open Houses Are A Good Idea

Media – National Post Features 1428 Concession 10 North, Clearview

Media: Realtor Edge Article – Challenging Clients

The Anex Offers 18 New Homes in Collingwood

Balmoral Development in Collingwood to Offer Age-In-Place, Adult Lifestyle Community

How to Use An RRSP to Buy a Home (and maybe get some free money from the government too!)

Update on the ‘Clearview’ Wind Turbine Issue: Mark your Calendars!

The Future of Collingwood’s Hospital

8 Ideas for Finding your Dream Home in Collingwood – Blue Mountain

Town of Collingwood Community Profile

How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks

Hiring the Right Home Inspector

Which Home is Right For You?

How to Prepare your Pet Friendly Home for Buyers

An Ode To Property Owners

Niagara Escarpment (NEC) Wants to Expand It’s Jurisdiction

Tips When Selling Your Home in Winter (and right now is a VERY good time)

Houzz Update – What to Do With an 8-by-5 Bathroom

Selling – 10 Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Attraction in Just 10 Days!

Home Ready Checklist for Sellers

Closing Costs – Know What to Expect

Disclosure – what do sellers and salespeople need to disclose?

Would You Be OK with Bad Pictures on Your Real Estate Listing?

Our new Radio Jingle

Georgian Life February 2016 Profiles Rioux-Baker Real Estate Team

Look Who is Featured in OUR HOMES MAGAZINE 10 th Anniversary Edition?

New Property Management in Collingwood Area for Real Estate Investors

Your Home Insurance Will LIKELY Be Voided During a Home Renovation

Your Patronage in 2016 Will Support This Outstanding Charity in Collingwood

Predictions for the 2016 Collingwood and Area Real Estate Market

Collingwood, This Is Why You Are The Biggest Gift of All

Collingwood’s Winter Wonderland

What Bank of Canada’s Latest Assessment Means for Mortgage Rates

Thornbury Olde Fashioned Christmas Saturday, December 12th

Top 10 Home Buying and Selling Mistakes

The Real Estate Value of Heritage Homes

Ever Wish You Could See Behind Walls?

Collingwood Is One of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Communities in Canada

Collingwood’s Christmas Launch

Home Horizon Spirit of Collingwood Tour 2015 – Thank You!

Condo Corner: Rupert’s Landing – Did You Know?

Home Buying 101 – How to Take the Emotion out of Home Buying

New Sign on Admiral Collingwood Place

Qualifying for a Mortgage on a Condo

It’s Easy to Be Green: Have an eco-friendly fall

Over Priced Real Estate

Top 10 Staging Misconceptions

Property Management Firm vs Self-Management: CONDOS

Home Horizon Spirit of Collingwood

Who Are Neil and Sheryl?

Beware of Rental Scams

5 Great Apps for Home Decor & Design

The Magic of Vinegar

Admirals Gate Collingwood – Upscale Waterfront

Feedback from Showings: Is it important?

Anex Collingwood – A Potential New Development

Beautiful Joe: another reason to love MEAFORD

Investors: Here’s The Secret Key to Earning 18% or More On Income Property in Collingwood or Anywhere

Collingwood – Step-by-Step Guide to the Custom Home Building Process

Marg’s Real Estate Team is the Best!

Renting Out Your Blue Mountain Investment Property

Do Business In Collingwood

The Nottawasaga Lighthouse

New French Catholic School Coming To Collingwood

Four More Reasons to Love Collingwood

Blue Mountain Village Association

How Collingwood House Prices Are Affected In A Real Estate Market Correction

New Ontario Condo Legislation Will Make Sweeping Changes

Is Bayview Tower THE place to be? (Or Is Bayview Towers the new Black?)

Should I get a home inspection for a condo?

Italian or Vegan? Rafe Resto-Lounge in Thornbury Has Both

New Rules for Handling Written Real Estate Offers Coming in Ontario

Are Fixed Mortgage Rates Headed Up Soon?

Is the Kitec Monster Lurking In Your Home? Are You Sure?

8 Tips For Buyers in Competing Offer Situations

Collingwood’s Black Box Theatre Opens May 1

Colourful Characters Have The Best Lines

The Dornoch Tap and Grill in Nottawa is a Little Gem

What Does The Emerald Ash Borer Have To Do With Taxes?

Red Maple New Homes Development In Collingwood

Condo Fees Explained

Collingwood RE/MAX Office Passes a Major Milestone

Summit Shores Townhouses in Blue Mountain

Another Reason To Love Collingwood

When You Can Expect to Give or Get Possession of Your Property on Closing Day

A Very Significant Development Proposal Could Alter Downtown Meaford

New Condo Development Proposed in Collingwood’s West End

Town of Meaford Planning Update: Is This A Town to Watch?

Eureka! The TRUTH About Condo Sales in Collingwood

Bank of Canada Lowers Key Interest Rate to 0.75%

Town of Collingwood Planning Update: New Developments

Town of Wasaga Beach Planning Update: What Lies Ahead

Collingwood – Blue Mountain 2014 Condo Market Recap

Some Surprising Facts about the Collingwood and Area, 2014 Real Estate Market – A Year In Review

A New Way To Quickly Search Listings in Simcoe County

Self-Managed Condominium Corporations Can Pose Risks

PIE Pizza Coming To Collingwood

Township of Clearview Planning Update: What Lies Ahead

Renting Out Your Investment Property in Blue Mountain

Dags & Willow in Collingwood

Getting Around in the GTA versus Collingwood

Let’s Do Some Recon On The Neighbourhood

Don’t Forget To Change Your Smoke Detector Every 10 Years

October 2014 Real Estate Market Recap For Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

Bacchus House in Collingwood

Some Times, Back-Up Offers Work

How Much Is The Other Offer For?

The New Collingwood Centre Shopping Plaza

Autumn in Collingwood

Protect yourself against condo insurance deductible

Protect yourself against condo insurance deductible

Black Algae Is Appearing on Roofs in Our Area

Blue Mountain Resort and the End of An Era

Big News at Blue Mountain today

Insider’s Tip: Where to Watch Lightening in Collingwood

The Collingwood Bread Company Ruined Me

Quick Calculations for 5 Year Mortgage

The Wired Monk Is Now In Collingwood

Quick Note: How is my Tax Bill Calculated?

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculation Chart

Seeing the Collingwood Shipyards from the Other Side

The Two Solitudes of Collingwood

The Two Solitudes of Collingwood

How to avoid the tenant from hell

Wyldewood in Collingwood

Adding An Apartment To Your Home in Wasaga Beach

Free Money That Could Put Over $1,000 in Your Pocket

The Collingwood Olive Oil Co.

Landlords and Tenants Need To Co-operate When Selling A Home

7 Things To Remember When Choosing a Closing Date

Buying a Home

Selling Your Home

This Made My Day

Religious Beliefs CAN Be a Barrier To Home Ownership

Lots Now For Sale at Village at Blue Estates

Be Careful What You Say When Advertising Your Property

Full Service, Full Fees

Blue Fairway Development in Collingwood

Invest in your Home’s Maintenance

Why do We ask Buyers About Themselves Before Arranging A Showing?

My Visit To An Off-The-Grid, Straw Bale Home – Part 2

My Visit To An Off-The-Grid, Straw Bale Home – Part 1

All About CMHC’s Mortgage-Insurance Premium Changes

Should Home Inspectors Be Regulated?

The Truth About Assigning a microFIT Solar Contract When Buying or Selling A Home

An Alternative to Buying An Investment Condo at Blue Mountain

January 2014 Real Estate Market Recap For Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Area

HST and The Purchase of a Recreational Condominium

HST and The Purchase of a Recreational Condominium

The Falling Loonie and Canadian Mortgage Rates

The Falling Loonie and Canadian Mortgage Rates

What New Developments are Upcoming in Collingwood?

What Development Lies Ahead in Wasaga Beach

New Developments Ahead in The Town of the Blue Mountains

Collingwood and Area, 2013 MLS® Real Estate Market Recap and Predictions for 2014

New Rules for Real Estate Fees

Christmas Chain

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Warm It Up Inside

Fixed Versus Variable Rate: The Winner Is

Moving Checklist

The Duke Lofts in Downtown Collingwood

One of Grey County’s Best Kept Secrets: Hogg’s Falls

Your Home May Be Polluted

Your Home May Be Polluted

Would You Buy Manhattan for $24.00?

Your Rental Property May Be In Demand This Season

2013 vs. 2012 Property Tax Rates in the Georgian Triangle

New Collingwood Condos: DWELL in Creekside

Does Your Condo Insurance Leave You At Financial Risk?

Pre-Closing Inspections Should ALWAYS Be Done

Pre-Closing Inspections Should ALWAYS Be Done

The Listing Photo of Your Home Shows What?!

The Listing Photo of Your Home Shows What?!

Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding Your Credit Report

Military Families On The Move Have Unique Circumstances

Military Families On The Move Have Unique Circumstances

When Buyer and Seller Meet; And a Buddha Comes Along Too

When Buyer and Seller Meet; And a Buddha Comes Along Too

Witness Signatures on Agreements of Purchase and Sale

Mortgage Terminology Made Easy

Short Term Rentals Are STILL an Issue in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain

How to Scare the Pants Off A Potential Buyer During A Home Showing

Not All Video Tours Are Created Equal

Swimming Pools and Real Estate

Why I Carry Plastic Bags to Home Inspections

Bank of Canada: Steady at 1%

Government rebates to help you save for a Home!

Osteria Vitto is Worth The Trip To Stayner

Have you heard of Zoocasa yet? You will

See What Information Is In a Home Verified Report

What is a Condominium Declaration and Why Does It Matter?

Deodorize Your Home With Coffee

The Most Popular Restaurant in Meaford

Six Ways To Lose Money Upgrading Your Home

Are Mortgage Rates Headed Up?

As Water Levels Decline, Who Owns the Extra Beach?

What You Should Know About Condominium Special Assessments

Is Blue Mountain – the Last Resort Standing?

Collingwood Admiral Development Story Has Changed Again

Collingwood Living Is The Life For Me… and You?

Bank of Canada Holds Steady at 1%

I Dream of This Castle

Profile of a Typical Ontario REALTOR®

Lot Line, Whole Lot Condos vs Land Lease Community

Short Term Accommodation By-law UPDATE!

Fraser Institute Rankings 2011-12 for Elementary Schools in Georgian Triangle

WINDFALL Development in Blue Mountain

Featured Neighbourhood – Silver Glen Preserve

A Simple Mistake in Offer Negotiations Can Cost Thousands

Hey Home Seller: We Know About The Flood You Had

The Smoke is One of Collingwood’s Newest Restaurants

Breaking a Residential Lease in Ontario: Sublet versus Assignment